October 31, 2012

Open Adoption Blogger Interview Project 2012

As you can probably tell from the lack of posting, life has slowed down very much for me these past weeks.  However, I am very excited to be working on an upcoming adoption related post!

Heather from Open Adoption Bloggers organizes an Adoption Blogger Interview Project each year.  I'm excited to be participating this year, and I'm even more excited to be paired with a first mom. 

Denise describes herself as a "daughter, sister, friend, birthmother, wife, stepmother, grandmother, reunited mother, writer, blogger."  She reunited with her adult son in 1996, and she wrote a wonderful book about this experience called Second Chance Mother.  I'm only a little ways into the book, but I can see already that Denise is a very talented writer, and I'm looking forward to our Q&A collaboration.

Please be sure to check out Denise's blog, write-o-holic, and check back in the next few weeks for our responses to each other's questions regarding our adoption experiences.

Adoption Bloggers Interview Project 2012


  1. This is a wonderful idea! Hope you are doing well.

  2. Looking forward to reading the interview!

  3. Looking forward to it! I'm participating too!

  4. I'm really interested in adoption, particularly open adoption, so I look forward to it!

  5. Thanks, Tiffany! I am also looking forward to our exchange. Grateful to Heather for organizing this.


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