October 19, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Look

It's so nice to be back and participating again in Lisa Jo's Five Minute Friday.  It's like a cup of tea on a rainy day, but in words and pictures.

Today's prompt: Look....

I look at you both, and I am washed in an overwhelming tide of emotions.  Love: the deepest, sweetest love.  Happiness: the very purest form of which I never knew existed before you two.  Longing: a deep, aching longing to hold you both so very tightly and never, ever let go of this here and now moment.

But the moments bow to the will of time, and they flit past me in spite of my frantic grabs and pleading words.

And so I look and look and look, drinking ravenously before the cup is removed from my lips.

I see you playing together.  I see Livie's awestruck admiration of her big sister.  I see Paityn's arms hug her little sister.

I see my littlest one watching the world around her, taking in all the newness.

I see my big girl (when, oh when, did she get so very big?) laughing with joy and starting to remember her experiences long after they have passed.

I look, and I see you.

My beautiful, smart, sweet, wonderful girls.

I see, God.  I look, and I see how incredibly blessed I am.  I ache with the fullness of it.

And so I scoop you up in my arms, relishing the feel of your little bodies safely tucked against mine.  I look into your faces and see the love reflected back at me, and I am so humbled and grateful.

So grateful that I can see you: the greatest gifts of my life.

Five Minute Friday


  1. You nailed it! I'm mama to three little girls and you described it perfectly. I wish there were some way to soak up each moment and never forget it. I'm going to scoop mine up for just such a snuggle right now. :)

  2. Beautiful post. Your words melted my heart! :)

  3. Thank you so much! Enjoy those snuggles.

  4. Precious post.

  5. You always capture such awesome pictures. I love the first one. They both are playing so sweetly. And oh my goodness, I would have trouble not holding tightly too. Liv's baby rolls are so adorable and Paityn's smile must light up every room!

  6. You are so sweet. Thank you! (And yes, I just adore Luv's baby chub so much, and everyone falls in love with Paityn. :)

  7. This is so sweet. It looks like they're really into playing with their dolls.

  8. Beautifully written! Motherhood is amazingly overwhelming, isn't it?!


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